SHYBIKER (shybiker) wrote,

Outfit Post (First One!)

Having tipped my toe in the water here and found it warm, I'm diving in.  Hope there are no sharks!

Okay... here goes... (deep breath)

I decided to show you, for my first outfit, a colorful new dress I bought.  At least that's what I thought when I saw it in the catalog.  When I received and tried the dress on, though, it seemed flat.  Shapeless.  That's when the education I've gotten from you guys kicked in and I realized the outfit simply needed a belt.  Something to give shape to the dress.

Luckily, I had a belt in my drawer that matches the dress perfectly.  How great is that?!  Must be fate.

I experimented with two different necklaces, one bought for this dress and another I had lying around.  Surprisingly the spare one looks better than the one I handpicked.  You never know with these things until you try them.  Perhaps if I could have worn the dress to the jewelry store, I'd have had a better chance at selecting something.

Here are the photos.  Click to enlarge them.

I bought a pair of white shoes for the dress but, sadly, they didn't look good with it. So I went to my old reliable -- classic black pumps -- and they came through.  I'm not sure why but these heels look good with almost everything, so you'll see a lot of them in my posts.

The background of the photos is my newly-renovated kitchen.  I haven't seen any other blogger shoot pictures in her kitchen, so I guess I'm breaking new ground.  The reason for the location is it's the prettiest area in my house.

I will, however, show you another area -- my new living room couch.  This is how I look when I'm relaxing...

Your comments are eagerly invited!

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