SHYBIKER (shybiker) wrote,

Free Handbag!

My life presents unusual circumstances.  Over the years, I've learned to look for ways to be happy instead of bemoaning things I can't have.

For instance, I dress up privately but not publicly.  As much as I wish I could walk down the street in leggings and a tunic, that's not a real option for me.  On the other hand, there are benefits to dressing privately that aren't available if you need to wear clothes out in public.  For example, I can buy clothes that don't fit exactly right, enjoy wearing them, and not worry about someone spying an open zipper or split seam.  Or I can buy clothes that are inappropriate in some way and not worry about someone pointing that out.

Today, I bought the cutest little dress in pink polka-dots at a thrift store for $3.  Three dollars!  It will give me great joy to wear it.  Of course, a dress like this is age-inappropriate for me and, in public, people would look down on an old person wearing such a youthful frock.  But the dress is pretty, fun to wear, and I don't need to worry about the opinions of others.

Recently, I faced another problem and just arrived at a solution.  I'm a frugal person and rarely spend money on myself.  I generously give to others (which makes me happy) but almost never give to myself.  On the other hand, I've learned that depriving myself isn't healthy so, on special occasions, I splurge and treat myself to something I enjoy.

I've been admiring an attractive white leather handbag for weeks.  (Shown above.)  It was in a store-window in my town on prominent display.  I wanted to hold it and pose in front of a mirror with it.  But... how could I justify buying a bag when I'll never really use it?  Holding it is one thing; filling it with stuff and carrying out in public is another.  The latter option isn't available to me, and I was feeling deprived about not getting the former.

Then, a brilliant thought suddenly occurred to me -- how about I buy it, get the pleasure of holding it, and then give it away to someone who will actually use it?  That makes sense.  I can get my pleasure from it and then let someone else benefit from actual use of it.

So... I bought the bag today and am going to give it to one of you.  There are only a small handful of readers of my blog and I like all of you.  It will please me for one of you to get the bag.

I'll follow the convention of blog-gifting.  Leave a comment between now and Monday saying you'd like to receive the bag.  On Tuesday, I'll do a random-drawing of those interested and notify the lucky winner that day.

Of course, the bag is brand-new and never used, just loved a little.  Help me rationalize this silly purchase, okay?

(BTW, the bag is made of multiple pieces of overlapping leather, so the flower on front looks three-dimensional.  It's really pretty.)


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