Big News!

I'm moving!

As I mentioned in my last post, I can't post large, sharp images on this site.  That didn't bother me when my blog was mostly writing but, now that it's a fashion-blog with outfit-posts, it's very frustrating.

So... I'm moving!  To the place where almost all of you are: blogspot.

Here's my new location:

I check back here for a while, but will put all new posts there.

Image Quality

Hey guys,

I've been struggling with something and just want to mention it.  Images posted on this forum are shown in a small size.  One can't make them bigger without losing sharpness, even when the picture itself is sharp.  I've tried making my outfit-photos bigger here but they become blurry.

The only solution on this site is to invite people to click on an image, which then presents the picture in larger size with sharpness.  I don't know if everyone is aware of that option, so I've started mentioning it beneath the photos.

I'm debating movng my blog to another host.  I'm reluctant to do that because it might confuse people.  Please bear with me while I figure this out.  Thanks.  :)

Middle-Aged Outfit

I like to explore new looks and will consider things unknown to me.  This jacket, for example, is not something I'd normally wear but it has tiny speckles of bright color that call out to me.  Plus, wearing it led me to understand a little about the joys and difficulties of dressing for middle-age.

I like the cropped length, single button and general design of the jacket.  On the other hand, this outfit almost makes me look like Debbie, the 38-year old real estate broker who helped your parents sell their home when they moved to a smaller condo.  Debbie's dress is too short for her age but she's trying so darn hard to be liked!

I'm presenting it to you two ways, first with pretty pink pants and second with the too-short dress.  Which do you prefer?

Oh, and behind me is my big-ass TV.  I love its 55-inch screen.  The wooden things sticking out of the wall are speakers for a surround-sound system that gives theater-quality audio.  Watching movies on DVD is fun and this system really presents them well.

My Second Retrospective

It's time to look back on recent outfits and I'm seeing a definite trend.  My style is evolving.  I'm not consciously choosing to evolve, but my style is developing along the line of what appeals to me.  My outfits are getting more interesting, less conventional, and more creative.  At least that's how it seems to me.  What do you think?

(Click to enlarge any photo)

My Questions, My Answers

Have you ever asked anyone a question hoping they would turn around and ask you the same thing?  

I do that all the time.  I'm eager to share myself with others and, sadly, don't get to do that enough.  So I'll subtly encourage people to ask me questions by putting ideas in their head and hoping natural politeness will lead them to reciprocate my inquiries. 

I was greatly pleased and deeply flattered that several of you responded to my last post by asking me to answer the questions I posed to you.  That's so nice of you!  I love, love, love to explain myself because, in the process, I discover new insights about who I am.

So, here goes...

1. What is your favorite item of clothing?

Without question, my black suede boots.  ("You can do anything but stay off-a my black suede boots...")  The boots fit well (which is rare for me), they lengthen and flatter my legs, and they have quarter-sized shiny buttons on the top of the sides that are cuter than kittens!

2. What do you do to get ready for a big date?  How long does it take you?

As with most things, I have two answers, depending on whether we're discussing my real-life or my dream-life.  In real-life, I shower, shave and dress in 20 minutes.  In my dream-life... oh!  I spend all day!

I start in the morning by taking a long bubble-bath, leisurely shaving every inch of my body.  Then I put my hair up in rollers.  I want to add bounce for when I later fling my hair around.  (That's a super-flirty move!)  Then I do my nails and try out a bright new color.  I review my closet and starting putting together ideas for an outfit.  Then it's time for a break, so I make some green tea and sit down with a chocolate bar to watch a romantic movie on DVD.  It's important to get in the right mood.  Something like "The Notebook" will do that for me. 

Later, I take out the rollers and admire the curls they made.  I'll fix my hair and put on some makeup.  I'll go to the closet and pull up my Spanx, then try on some clothes.  I'll change my mind and put on something else; then change my mind again, and keep repeating this cycle until my arms get tired...

Finally, I'm dressed and groomed.  I'll walk through a cloud of perfume, grab my bag and wait for the doorbell to ring!

3. Do you know how to dance?  Are you any good?

I don't really know how to dance but I enjoy moving to music.  It's an aspiration of mine to take dance-lessons.  I'm naturally athletic so acquiring the skill wouldn't be too hard.  The only thing holding me back is my shyness.  I'm always reluctant to be the center of attention.

4. What's your favorite TV show?

It's over now but it was "Six Feet Under."  The show explored real philosophical questions about why we exist, what the meaning of life is, and how complicated and difficult human-interaction often becomes.  Plus it was extremely well-written and exceptionally entertaining.  Of current shows, I'm a "Mad Men" fan.

5. What do you want to achieve in your life?

That has changed over time.  When I was a child, my goal was to please my parents.  When I was a little older, my goal was to create a convincing male-persona.  When I was a young adult, my goals were to succeed in school and then achieve in my career as a lawyer. 

Now, having accomplished all of those things, my goal is to be myself -- find ways to be and express who I really am and have been since birth.  I want to release, nurture and display the essential parts of me that were suppressed for many decades.  I want to live a genuine life before I die.

6. Who are the most important people to you?

Robin, whom I've lived with for 10 years; Maura, who I lived with for 20 years; my closest girlfriends, who know who they are; and everyone willing to relate to me now in a supportive, honest way.

7. Does anyone inspire you?

Sure.  People who face and overcome adversity through the exercise of will.  I feel like my whole life has been a tough struggle, so I admire those who handled similar challenges with strength and courage.

8. Do you have any deep, dark secrets?  Can you talk to anyone about them?  Do you have a BFF?

Perhaps it's not so secret any more.  :)   I could use more close-friends to share with.  The emotional support and nurturance a BFF can give would help me sort some things out as I travel down my path.

9. Have you ever been to prison?  Are you allowed to leave the state?

No and yes. 

I used to ask this question to women when dating because it always got a laugh.  Then, one day, a woman responded with a serious look on her face and said, yes, she had been to prison and it was for something awful.  I was shocked.  She looked totally normal and yet she'd lived an incredibly hard life.  So, now I don't assume I know about other people's lives and let them tell me instead.

10. If you could magically change something about yourself, what would it be? 

Hmm... can you guess?  :)


My Questions, Your Answers

You guys are the nicest people in the world.  Really!  I'm honored and proud to be your friend.

I like getting to know people better.  Crawling into their mind and pointing my flashlight around to see what's there.  The most effective way to learn about someone is to ask questions.  People are usually happy to talk about themselves.  I find listening to people hugely informative and often entertaining.

So... can you guess where this is heading?!

Here are some questions.  Pick-and-choose whichever ones you want to answer.  You can respond here or on your own blog.  There are no requirements, just opportunities to have fun and share your thoughts.  Thanks!

1. What is your favorite item of clothing?

2. What do you do to get ready for a big date?  How long does it take you?

3. Do you know how to dance?  Are you any good?

4. What's your favorite TV show?

5. What do you want to achieve in your life?

6. Who are the most important people to you?

7. Does anyone inspire you?

8. Do you have any deep, dark secrets?  Can you talk to anyone about them?  Do you have a BFF?

9. Have you ever been to prison?  Are you allowed to leave the state?

10. If you could magically change something about yourself, what would it be?  Your big nose?  (Oops... sorry...  that was rude of me to point out!)

Monday Musings

This lamp, in my bedroom, was in my last outfit-post.  Isn't it cute?!

I like what I've done to my house.  During the past two years, I spent a fortune renovating it.  You've probably seen the house in the background of outfit-posts but I think it deserves its own pictures.  Here are two shots of the kitchen.

Changing gears... I was at the mall an hour ago and saw lots of women wearing jeggings.  They're really becoming popular.  Contrary to what someone said in the comments of my jeggings-post, most women wear them as pants and not leggings -- i.e., without covering their butt.  Any thoughts on that trend?



I love Halloween!

It's a great time of year and leads up to my birthday (Nov. 3rd).  Plus, I love costumes and parties.

Recently, I've been going into New York City every year for the annual Halloween Parade -- a fun outdoor party to which everyone is invited and for which everyone wears a costume.  It's a jovial time in downtown Manhattan.

Each year I come up with two Halloween costumes, one for parties and another just for me.  The public costume is something socially-acceptable; the private costume is fun for myself.  The former is male and the latter is female.

This year, I've been considering possibilities... I haven't decided yet but I'm leaning toward being Woody, the toy-cowboy from the "Toy Story" movies.  Of course, I'll make the costume myself.

My private costume has been decided: I want to be Mrs. Santa Claus.  I've done a trial-run; here's what I came up with:

What are you going to be this year?


The weather was gorgeous yesterday and my brother-in-law Ron was in town.  He lives in Arizona.  Ron invited me to join him in Philadelphia for a day of cheesesteaks and sports.  I lept at the chance since we had so much fun last summer in Memphis on a BBQ tour.

Ron grew up outside Philly so he knew the best places to go.  We visited three Philly cheesesteak restaurants and sampled their wares.  Despite similar ingredients, the sandwiches tasted quite different from each other.

In between cheesesteaks, we went to a professional soccer game at a local arena.

What did you do?

"I pronounce you man and wife. Proceed with the execution."

This outfit started with good intention but went awry during execution.

Here's the cute sweater-dress I ogled and bought in Kohl's.  The first problem comes from the fact that I wasn't able to try the dress on in the store.  I guessed at the correct size and was correct for the bust and torso -- but forgot to check the length.  My height makes this normal-sized dress way too short.  To address that, I put a skirt underneath the dress but I'm not sure that fix worked.

The second problem is I thought the dress would look cute paired with my new heels.  I think I was wrong on that.  The dress might look better with my new purple flats.  Next time I'll try that.

They never said fashion was easy, but I didn't expect it to be so hard!

I have to start taking some pictures outside.  If I don't, you'll see every nook and cranny of my house. :)  These were taken in the bedroom.

The quotation in the subject-header is from one of the most romantic movies ever made.  If you haven't seen it yet, rent it on DVD.